Innovation Management Game

Innovation Management Game

Virtual Experience

A competitive game-environment to experience a real-life situation you would encounter as an innovation manager.

Human Experience

Social dynamics to create both personal skills and an excellent group performance.

Learning Experience

A deeper understanding of innovation sciences to improve strategic thinking when it comes to dealing with innovation.

Ready to run an Innovation Department?

Are you a team leader, a visionary leader, a product manager or all three of them? In this game you will start as a member of an innovation department of a medium-sized company producing high-tech robotics in the health care sector. Will you help them grow to the best in the market?

Innovation Types

Marketing & Branding

Innovation of the Customer Experience


Innovation of the Product Idea and Concept


Innovation of the Product Functionality


Innovation of the Design and Production Process

Social Innovation

Innovation of the Corporate Culture


Innovation of the Attitude towards Venturing

Open Innovation

Innovation of the Network

Business Model Innovation

Innovation of the Organizational Model and Structures.


Universidad de Santander


Tilburg University

University of Kent

Eindhoven University of Technology

SNS Reaal

German University in Cairo

Fontys University

Avans University

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